The Homestead is looking for Volunteers!

One way to help and support the Homestead is by volunteering your time. We have a wide variety of volunteer positions available for all interests and skill levels!


Historic Interpreter

Heritage Gardener

Curatorial Assistant

Educational Assistant

Special Events

Job Description

Provide guided tours of the Homestead to visitors

Carryout horticultural tasks in the gardens

Conduct research and catalogue artifacts into the digital database 

Perform education based museum programs for the public

Assist with museum events on site

Skill Requirements

Be comfortable speaking publicly and engaging with visitors

Be willing and able to do manual labour required for weeding and watering

Strong attention to detail and research skills

Be comfortable speaking publicly and engage with children

Ability to follow directions and be a team player

If any of these tasks interest you, or for more information, please contact us at info@adelaidehoodless.ca. You can also call us during operating hours at 519-448-3873.