A Child’s Play: Toys of Past and Present.

Child’s Play: Toys of Past and Present. 


Our newest exhibit – A Child’s Play – is incorporated into every room at the Homestead. This exhibit is interactive, and children of all ages can play with replica artifacts of children’s toys and games, while gaining a deeper understanding of what life was like for children and families like the Hunters in the 1870’s. The artifacts are shown side by side with their modern counterparts, facilitating an ongoing conversation about how play has changed, and continues to change for children throughout the ages.

IMG_6173Reproduction Victorian Toys

Katelyn Vanderwal, 12, and Hannah Rodgers, 12, of St George play with reproduction Victorian automata toys in Addie’s mother’s room at the Homestead.

2016-05-25 16.10.22

Hands on learning with Stephanie Pile, Programs and Outreach Coordinator at the Homestead.


A Child’s Play in the Media:

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