Our Collection

Our collection reflects the rural experience in Upper Canada during the years that the Hunter family owned the home. It evokes the hard work and isolation that formed the cornerstone of Adelaide’s young life and became the touchstone in her campaign for change.

Some of the Hunter family artifacts include the following:

This pink tea set belonged to Addie’s mother, Jane Hamilton Hunter, and would have been used at the Homestead while Addie was growing up. The set was donated by Adelaide’s granddaughter.

This hand-sewn cotton quilt belonged to the Hunter family. It may well have kept Addie warm through the cold winter nights at the Homestead. This piece was donated by a member of the Hunter family.

This watch holder and jewelry box belonged to Addie’s father, David Hunter. David died when Addie was just a baby in arms, so this is a very special piece! This was donated by Adelaide’s granddaughter.