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Join us for fun and discovery! Thanks to support from the Federal New Horizon Seniors Programs, we are proud to announce the following #LifeHacks Programs.

(Pre Registration is REQUIRED for all #LifeHacks Programs). Purchase your tickets here – be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the #LifeHacks Series


JULY 17    An Afternoon With Raptors                     12 Noon- 2pm

Join us as licensed falconer, Mark Perkin, shows us what it is like to raise, train and live with birds of prey. Mark can be found on Instagram @thekiltedfalconer
This is a FREE Zoom Webinar! (Please register by July 16, 2020)

For more information call: 519.448.3873 or to register via email please go to:



POSTPONED      History of a Seance, the Philip Experiment & Table Tipping 


 We will be postponing ‘History of a Seance’ until a later date as part of the effort to encourage social distancing and safe practices around COVID-19.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

People are fascinated with the idea of communicating with those who have passed from this life. In 1972, a group of academics took this one step further by asking “is it possible to communicate with fictionalized “spirits.” What followed was the ‘Philip Experiment.’ Got questions? We hope so! Join us as Margaret Byl reveals her experience with table tipping, seance history and of course,”Philip!”


February 15   A Valentine Tea & Tea Leaf Reading Workshop  2-4pm

Tasseography (tea leaf reading) is an old method of divination that identifies patterns, pictures or symbols in tea leaves. Curious? Come alone or bring a friend as facilitator Margaret Byl shows us how to uncover the secrets that lie at the bottom of our cups.  

February 23      UNLOCKING THE SECRETS OF THE TAROT     2pm to 4pm 


Want to find out more about your future but don’t know where to start? Join us for an intimate afternoon with Joanna Rickert-Hall as she leads us through the history and mystery of divination with the Tarot. Bring your own deck or try one of ours.


December 7         Holiday Bazaar    10am to 5pm   Open to the Public

Come get your holiday shopping on with local artisans and crafters, enjoy activities for kids, treats, and a silent auction in addition to seeing our new learning hub. Book tours for 2020 while your here!